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Published Tue, Jun 26th 2012

Expansion for Help-Link following success of 'affordable boiler' campaign

National central heating specialist Help-Link is forecasting a projected turnover of £35m for 2012, representing a 150% increase on its 2011 figures.

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To support its controlled expansion, Help-Link has recruited an additional 140 members of staff in the last 12 months; including 33 engineers, 38 surveyors, and 69 new operations and administration staff. This represents a 78% increase in staff numbers, from 180 staff in 2011 to the current 320-strong nationwide team.

Help-Link attributes a large part of the company's success to its commitment to make the purchase of a new central heating boiler simple and affordable for households on a budget. The company has developed a low-cost finance option which allows customers to upgrade or replace their old boiler with monthly payments. Customers not only gain a new boiler but also benefit from improved energy efficiency and reduced fuel bills.

This is becoming an important priority for many families facing escalating energy costs.

Mel Butler, Help-Link's managing director, explains: "We've changed the way in which central heating boilers are bought. In the past, the prohibitive cost meant that many people were put off replacing their boiler until absolutely necessary. Now that we have made the process affordable, a new boiler is something that households can realistically consider.

With our plan, families actually save money as an efficient boiler is the first step to reducing energy bills." Help-Link is supporting its current campaign with high-profile television adverts featuring the popular mathematician Johnny Ball. The light-hearted TV ads have proven incredibly successful and Help-Link estimates that they are responsible for around 60% of its recent increase in turnover.

Help-Link's offering has become so popular that in the first three months of 2012, the company fitted over 3,000 new central heating boilers, putting them second only to British Gas for central heating installation in the UK. Commenting on the expansion, Butler says: "Over the past 14 years, we've grown from just four guys driving their own vans, into a household brand with customers nationwide and a customer satisfaction rating of 98%.

Despite our growth, we've stayed true to our original values. We work hard to understand what our customers need and all of our staff training programmes focus firmly on putting the customer first."

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