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Published Wed, Feb 25th 2015

Men Over 20 Times More Likely Than Women To Die At Work

• Fatalities amongst men 20.75 times higher than women in the workplace
• Male workers almost twice as likely as women to suffer a major or minor injury
• Falls from height are the main cause of fatalities in UK workers. This number has remained steady, despite overall fatality numbers falling

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LONDON, UK - 25th Feb 2015

Men are over twenty times more likely to suffer a fatal injury at work than women, according to an analysis of official data from the Health and Safety Executive.  

In the five-year period between 2009 and 2014, men were on average 20.75 times more likely than women to suffer a fatality in the workplace.

Bryan Richards of health and safety consultancy Arinite suggests that, "despite the push for equality in risk-heavy industries such as construction, hazardous procedures are still generally undertaken by men."  

The leading cause of casualties was falls from height, which was most prevalent in the construction industry. These accounted for three out of every ten deaths amongst workers in the UK between 2013/14.  Whilst the overall number of worker fatalities has decreased in the past decade, the number of fatal falls has remained steady.  

“The reason falls from height cause such a high number of fatalities", says Richards, "is because workers do not appreciate the hazards of falling. This is due to complacency - for example, not wearing fall arrest equipment because they have never fallen before, lack of training – particularly amongst young people - and lack of protective measures such as guards and netting.” 

Male workers are also almost twice as likely as their female counterparts to suffer an accident resulting in a major or minor injury at work. 

New employees have been cited as one of the key factors contributing to workplace accidents, as the risk of injury is four times higher for newly employed workers compared to those who have been working at a company for a period of twelve months. Part time and shift workers are also more susceptible to injury than those employed on a full time basis.  

Previous construction worker, Daniel Long, says he left the industry due to safety concerns. "One of my fingers was cut off whilst using a chop saw which didn't have the correct guard in place" says Long. "I wasn't told to check for this, and realised that I was taking a lot of risks working in an environment where proper training of employees wasn't a priority." 


We have a static infographic available which illustrates the difference in fatality rates between the genders, as well as further quotes from construction workers. Bryan Richards is available for interview.  


About Arinite 

Arinite is a health and safety consultancy based in London. They provide professional advice on health and safety to businesses. Their clients include St Bartholomew's Hospital, Kuoni Travel and Swatch Group UK. You can find more details on their website

Bryan Richards is the Managing Partner of Arinite Ltd. 


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