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Published Thu, Sep 2nd 2010

Dyno-Rod Seals Private Cloud

Dyno-Rod, the market leader in 24-hour drain, plumbing and locksmith services has appointed cloud specialists, secureVirtual to roll out a customer relationship management (CRM) system across its 100-plus franchises.

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The bespoke configuration of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system is hosted in a private virtual environment developed by secureVirtual, which allows Dyno-Rod's IT department to manage it internally. With over a thousand engineers working from locations across the country, and spending much of their time on the road between customer visits, the system provides a centralised location for customer details, tracking jobs, processing orders and invoices, managing sales calls and transmitting customer information.

Following a trial with one business unit, secureVirtual won the contract for the full implementation in April 2010. To date, over 400 employees have started using the system, which is accessed via a web interface. Each staff member has been trained by an in-house team set up to ensure the migration runs smoothly. The development of a Field Application for roll-out to the rest of the organisation's 1,000 Engineers is being planned for next year.

The platform has been customised to integrate with that used by British Gas, Dyno-Rod's parent company, in an automated process that runs for five hours every night to link data in the two systems while files are backed up.

Richard Barnwell, CEO of secureVirtual, commented: "Dyno-Rod's commitment to excellent customer service needs to be supported by a system that offers 100% availability, the highest levels of security for customer data, and scalability to accommodate future growth. The company has grown significantly over the past few years and needs a fail-proof CRM system to enable it to continue on this trajectory. Microsoft Dynamics was selected for its high performance and configurability."

secureVirtual is able to guarantee reliability and uptime because it uses a number of data centres, one hosted at the European hub for Level 3 (the largest internet company in the world) meaning that its state-of-the-art SVi platform benefits from enormous power and resilience.

Availability of support is key to Dyno-Rod's decision, and the company uses secureVirtual's Consultancy on Demand, in which it buys credits in advance and can use them as required. This means it only pays for the support it needs.


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About secureVirtual

secureVirtual spun off from the Software Connection (a software development house) in 2005 when it became apparent that some clients needed more than just software. Since then the company has focused on building the best possible cloud offering for UK businesses (SVi) backed by outsourced IT support that is second to none. Industry expert Léon Crisp has led a team of some of the best virtualisation specialists in the business to develop the platform and refine it into a high performance, resilient and completely secure application hosting platform.
But that is only part of what sets secureVirtual apart. Clients receive a personalised service that is unusual for organisations in the sector. They deal directly with a small group of specialists throughout their contracts. These mini-teams are staffed by people who are passionate about technology, but keen to understand clients' unique business objectives as a first port of call.

About DynoRod
The Dyno Group is part of British Gas and is the industry leader. It has over one hundred franchisee businesses, employing more than a thousand engineers and support personnel across the UK.


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