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Published Wed, Apr 30th 2014

Thermal fluid specialist shines at international solar event

Global Oil will be exhibiting at the sixth Menasol Middle East and North Africa solar conference and expo, taking place in the luxurious Hyatt Regency Place, Dubai between May 6 and 7, 2014.

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The main focus of the exhibition will be Globaltherm Omnitech synthetic thermal fluid, a product designed for use in concentrated solar power applications, PET and plastics production and other chemical industries. 

Global Oil is part of the Global Group of Companies, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The division develops, manufactures and supplies a premium range of heat transfer fluids. The Globaltherm range contains synthetic and mineral based fluids that perform well at extreme temperatures. The company works with clients from industries as diverse as marine, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, solar, print and food processing.

Globaltherm Omnitech is a high performance liquid or vapour phase heat transfer fluid, which combines low viscosity and thermal stability for dependable performance. The product works exceptionally well in systems that require very precise temperature control because of its ability to operate as a vapour phase fluid. 

The operating range of Globaltherm Omnitech is between 12 and 400 degrees Celsius (54 – 750 degrees Fahrenheit). A eutectic mixture of diphenyl oxide and biphenyl gives the fluid the flexibility to operate in extremely high temperatures.

“2013 was a pioneering year for solar markets in the Middle East and North Africa. Global Oil already has a significant presence in the area, but Menasol is the key to worldwide recognition,” explains Clive Jones, CEO of the Global Group.

“Our products and services are proven to add considerable value to manufacturers, worldwide. We compete on an international scale and have significantly increased our export levels in recent years. Solar is a core market for the Global Group.”

For the sixth year in a row, Menasol will be the core meeting place for the solar industry, bringing decision-makers and solar energy experts together. The latest market information and forthcoming projects will be disclosed and discussed at this year’s event. Participants include local and international engineering firms, international developers, government stakeholders, as well as technology providers.

Key features of Menasol 2014 include how to achieve success in Jordan, attendance from top solar end users and regulators, as well as the participation of major delegations from Morocco and Saudi Arabia. Leading concentrated solar power and photovoltaic experts will discuss the market’s biggest challenges and opportunities.

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