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Published Thu, Nov 3rd 2011

Lead Theft - Belzona has the Solution.

Lead theft is currently spiraling out of control and with the cost of lead set to remain at record highs into 2011 the problem is showing no sign of going away soon. Lead is just too valuable for would be thieves and nobody is immune to becoming a victim of lead theft. There are hundreds of organisations out there offering possible deterrents to would be thieves but Belzona's solution is different.

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Belzona offer a high performance liquid applied polymeric membrane system for the long term repair and protection of lead work. In addition to the major issue of theft, lead is also susceptible to damage and deterioration through attack from extreme weather conditions due to being a commonly exposed area of any building.

By utilising a cold applied repair and protection system, lead work can be fully encapsulated resulting in a highly effective theft prevention system. This Belzona membrane also provides weatherproofing capabilities, subsequently preventing moisture ingress and reducing deterioration which results in the long term roof protection and preservation of lead.

Lead is easy removed because it is not bonded but the Belzona Membrane is 100% bonded so although it may look like lead and if some unsuspecting thief attempted to remove the Belzona they would quickly find out that it was all in vain.

By way of example, in 2008 this local school suffered from the theft of lead from their roof. The damage was so extensive that if not addressed, it would result in major structural defects causing a potentially disruptive and high cost maintenance repair. A local Belzona representative was contacted to provide a cost effective solution to repair the damage, protect against future theft and the deterioration of the remaining lead work.

The repair was completed by North Yorkshire based Halls Applications, one of Belzona's trusted authorised contractors in just under a week. We have revisited the application in 2010 and the school has not experienced any further problems. The repair is still in service and in excellent condition.

Belzona is not just a product manufacturer but can provide a complete supply and apply package through its contracting network specifically created to provide clients with direct access to Belzona quality products and specialist application services from a single source. It is Belzona's mission to meet specialist repair and maintenance needs in its target industries and markets worldwide.

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